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Project Overview

The company needed to revamp their dated legacy website and branding, but also continue to please their long-time customers who rely on WSRB’s web based search and data tools.

An additional challenge was to feature their blended product suite which calls out to a niche market. Once a user logged in, their experience was personalized by their subscription level.


  • Highlight company's product suite - company’s product suite was submerged and hard to distinguish on legacy site
  • Streamline navigation to tools and elevate important links and content
  • Provide screen real estate for marketing and promotions
wsrb legacy
original website


1. Research & Requirements

This is the phase where I want gain as much knowledge as I can about users, content and business needs. Here's what I did:

  • Content review
  • Staff & stakeholder interviews
  • Website traffic analysis, competitor analysis
  • Creative brief
  • User feedback from webmaster emails and customer service
information gathering criteria

2. UI Design & Development

My next step was to create wireframes

3. User testing

I performed user testing with a high fidelity prototype. This test was task based, and users were asked to do nine common web site tasks.

The design tested extremely well, with only one error in total from six participants and received highly positive qualitative feedback.

4. Result

Through continued interations, the design arrived at a responsive website for their public facing web site. User surveys and diminished support calls showed an improved qualitative reaction, and tasks that are easy to complete. The banner containing the 3 product call out buttons has garnered the highest activity of any campaign to date. The site's mobile traffic increased dramatically.

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