Tyler Drive

Tyler Drive Inspection Builder is a checklist app for highly customizable bus fleet safety management. As the sole UX designer, I was responsible for the redesign and careful user testing to understand the needs of the customer.

Product design, interactive prototypes, user testing, Axure, Sketch, Google Charts, Material Design.

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tyler drive detail

Atlas Mapping A/B Testing

As the sole designer embedded on the development team, I designed highly interactive prototypes and assisted in sprint level research studies to rapidly validate design choices.

Product design, interactive prototype and sprit level testing, A/B testing, Axure, Sketch.

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Atlas Mapping wireframe

Eagle Dashboard Widgets

Eagle Dashboard is an operational dashboard for managers in the public sector to monitor employee productivity and legal document workflow.

As the sole UX designer, I was responsible for reimagining the java based app to a web based product. Customer interviews and testing gave the customers a voice in the design.

Product design, UX and testing, Material design, Axure, Sketch and Google charts.

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eagle dashboard wireframe

Chase Bank

Chase Bank was introducing a new personal finance management tool. As part of a 3 person consulting team, we recruited, performed customer testing, and helped Chase bank validate their design.

IRise, Morae, recruiting, qualitative, quantitative research

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Chase Bank Report

WSRB Responsive Website

WSRB is a data company for the insurance industry. As their sole designer, I led a comprehensive redesign project of their legacy website to a modern, responsive site using data-driven design. My navigation and design choices were tested with users nearing 100% task completion rate.

HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Axure, UX research, business requirements, design validation

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WSRB Wireframe

ICollab Mobile App

ICollab is in-class, collaborative, learning ecosystem for students K-4, using a desktop table screen platform. An added dimension is parents have their own "channel" of record delivery to see what their child is doing. As part of a team, I worked on product ideation, user flows and prototyping.

Axure, Photoshop, Google Forms

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