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Project Overview

Eagle dashboard widgets is a product of Tyler Technology, the largest software company focused on public sector software.The widget dashboard is a workflow document processing tool for documents generated from agencies such as courts and land management offices as they move through recording offices.Turnaround time is often mandated by law, so the widgets play a vital informative role.


Cosmetic reskins provide little value to the customer, so I wanted to ensure that the design would deliver features that focused on top tasks.Gaining domain knowledge was accomplished by a survey for quantitative data and numerous customer interviews. Our customers also were involved in testing the prototype design.

eagle dashboard
legacy dashboard sample


Understanding the complex business process of document recording was the first step. This involved working with product owners and customer interviews. It was critical to understand customer needs and their view of strenghts and shortcomings of the current product. Additionally, there are literally hundreds of document types, staffing assignments and workflow can vary drastically from office to office.

whiteboard examples
whiteboarding ideas


1. Customer survey to understand usage and satisfaction

 customer survey
survey sample
survey quotes

2. Next, there was a research phase with customer interviews (8). These interviews gave invaluable insight into customer concerns, but also the wide spectrum of scenarios the product needs to satisfy. The results were compiled in a spreadsheet for future reference.

3. The team did sketching sessions at various times during the process.

team sketches

Design Goals

  • Easy configuration to accommodate a wide spectrum of usage and staffing
  • Surface employee productivity, document status and alerts
  • Convenient report generation and exporting by date.

4. Equipped with data and sketches I began the design process. In order to make the prototype more realistic, I used Google charts rather than static graphics for added interactivity. The charts were embedded into the Axure prototype.

 interactive charts
interactive charts for prototype

The product owner and I decided to tackle one widget at a time then do a widget-based feedback loop.

Each widget (5) consisted of a dashboard chart and the ability to drill deeper into a card for extensive detail and the ability to do tasks.

 errors widget
single widget chart (L) associated details page using Material design (R)

5. When complete, we brought our customers in to test the design, and asked a mixture of qualitiative and task based questions.

What We Were Looking For

  • Can customers find controls?
  • How do customers access details?
  • Task completion success
  • Do the features and functions meet expectations?


dashboard final
home dashboard final version

Pain points fixed:

  • See up-to-date items in the queue that need to be completed by end of day
  • Dashboard based alerts-tasks that are stuck in the queue
  • Widget based date control
  • Completed tasks by job type
  • Easy export
  • Employee based cashiering productivity-expands with details

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