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Project Overview

For this project my role was that of a user researcher testing a personal finance management (PFM) tool design developed by Chase Bank UX professionals. Our team of 3 people set out to test design decisions and offer our recommendations based on our data discovery, to the Chase UX group. The results and interface design of this project are protected by a NDA.


The goal of this study was to garner qualitative and quantitative data on the usability and utility of these features as expressed in a set of high-fidelity prototypes furnished by Chase, specifically regarding the level of ease users experienced in finding the new tools and exploring the new data available to them.


1. We developed a screener to recruit Chase Banks' targeted demographic and prepared a test script. Our test was done Lute Lab at the University of Washington.

2. Seven participants were tested on eight common PFM tasks. The task order was mixed for two user groups. The test concluded with participants evaluating their experience on a system usability scale (SUS) and a debriefing conversation.

Quantitative data was mined using Morae to scan and record screen movements and qualitative data was gathered by participant dialogs.

3. The team had the arduous task of compiling and analyzing the testing data spreadsheets and the prepared our findings and interface recommendations from there.


We presented our findings to a group of 50 fellow researchers and to our stakeholders, the User Experience Group at Chase Bank head quarters led by Domenick J. Dellino, Phd. Our results provided them with surprising and warmly received insights for their product design moving forward.

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