I have been building and designing products for over a decade. I am most engaged by prototyping and watching user experience improve with iteration after iteration. I graduated from the University of Washington's HCDE program which gives me a solid foundation in research methodologies, conducting studies and highly collaborative processes.

The road to UX is rarely a straight line. Early on, I worked as a journalist. I enjoyed doing research, talking to people, and asking questions. Later, I became very excited about internet technologies and began to learn how to code and design pages. Usability and experience were always at the forefront of my concerns as a designer. This transitioned to an immersion into the study and practice of UX. The combination of my technical and research background aids me in working with developers, business executives and customers.

Outside of work, I enjoy walking with my dogs, or bike riding. I enjoy visiting art galleries, reading and I am an avid fan of the NBA.